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Expert Rug Cleaning in Manchester

manchester rug cleaningYour rugs having a bad week and someone spilled juice on them, or a tea kettle tipped over and ruined your gram’s favorite Persian one? We can deal with any of these issues without causing any more problems, extracting the moisture from the fibers and removing any solid particles stuck deep inside. Offering the best rug cleaning in the City of Manchester, Gm Carpet Care is the right company for you, just give us a call.

Benefits Our Rug Cleaning in Manchester

It’s simple, you won’t have to worry about how to clean it, whether if the detergents or solutions you have on hand will do the trick or ruin your rugs for good, and much more. We handle all of the cleaning and even provide a convenient way of drying, as well as a slew of other benefits, like:

  • Considerable lack dust
  • Conditioned fibers
  • Softer, better colors
  • Full fiber protection
  • No dust mites excrements or carcasses

And this is without mentioning our special fiber protection treatment that increases the half-life of the clean effects, making it less necessary to clean as often. 

Rug Cleaning 
Price Depends on Size & Condition

GM Carpet Care Rug Cleaning in Manchester

Steam rug cleaning Manchester – is a very good way of removing any sort of stain, an absolute beast when it comes to soluble and wet stain extraction and any food coloring staining from your rug. Done with a high-pressure nozzle, the rug cleaners in Manchester blast away and extract any stain that gets in our way. Steam under high pressure is what we use, with a narrow nozzle as to minimize and centralize the moisture distribution, while also offering a higher pressure for intake with the vacuum machine. Everything is drawn out using said nozzle, removing 95% of the water, which requires a short drying time to be ready for use.

Dry rug cleaning – is what we use when delicate fibers are involved, including but not limited to silk, cotton, satin and Kashmir. We can guarantee a thorough clean, from any stain that can occur in a household and even a professional setting, without any damage to the textiles and colors of the rug, while maintaining a low ph level. All ingredients we use are naturally derived and leave no toxins in the fibers – a very efficient and safe way of removing stains from Persian or other rugs. The professional rug cleaners apply the dry compound, wait for it to react with the stain then extract it using a fine brush and high-pressure steam machines. It requires no drying and is ready to use straight away.

Booking Professional Rug Cleaning Services in Manchester

Don’t wait for the sun to rise, give us a call at any time of the day or night at 0161 823 0245 where our team of experts will address any questions you may have about our processes, what we use or simply help you with the booking, we are here to help, don’t forget to ask for free quotes and deals.