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Looking to get into contact with us? There are several venues that we support all of which free for all new and loyal customers. If you want to quickly receive information about us simply contact our customer support team. They will address any questions you throw at them.

Want to book us or just have a talk, call our hotline 0161 823 0245 and we will make sure to inform you to the best of our abilities.

Benefits of Booking us in Manchester

hire cleaner manchesterSick and tired of waiting for people to come and clean? With our lighting fast response we can be on the scene in a matter of minutes, just give us a call and specify what you want and we will do our best to cover you. If you call today you can expect:

  • Deposit free booking
  • Late night or early morning visits at no extra charge
  • Tips from our expert cleaners
  • Friendly customer support
  • Convenient booking times

As well as a flexible payment plan that supports many venues of payment, including check, credit or debit cards, by hand or even delayed payment.

Free Price Estimations

On the verge to book u, but you first want to know how much we will cost you? Then call our hotline at 0161 823 0245 and receive a custom price estimation based on the amount of work that is to be done, rather than on an hourly basis. All prices given are accurate, and will not be subjected to any more increases unless other services are desired by the customer, however, all of them can be discounted, lowering our already low prices.

Private Viewing

And while an over the phone estimation is a quick and efficient way of gauging what needs to be done and how much it will cost, we have a private viewing option free of charge for both small and large orders, with no obligations to the customer. We send a supervisor over who can estimate, right then and there, how much we will charge after the job is done.