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Mattress Cleaning in Manchester

Dogs left a mess on your mattress and now you left with the clean up but it’s not going as well as hoped, or are bed bugs and dust mites plaguing your bedroom? Gm Carpet Care in the City of Manchester can handle with all of this and with a lot more, offering you a comprehensive mattress cleaning service using all eco-friendly solutions and efficient ways of extermination without introducing harmful chemicals or toxins to your household.

Professional Mattress Cleaner in The City Of Manchester

manchester mattress cleaningYou can once again lie in bed, without having to worry about bed bug bites, rashes or contracting anything from your mattress. With our mattress cleaning service you get a full mattress sanitization including special treatments from the mattress cleaner that deliver a great deal of benefits, like:

  • No compromises cleaning of stains and odours
  • Full microbe removal
  • Bed bugs and dust mites are no longer an issue
  • Mattress ready for use straight away

And all of this achieved without using harmful chemicals and toxins as cleaning supplies but in fact, utilising only bio-degradable ingredients and solvents.

Mattress Steam Cleaning
Single Mattress £18
Dry Mattress Cleaning
Single Mattress £48

Mattress Cleaning Service Specifications

U.V Lights treatment – is our way of responding to severe dust mite and bed bug infestations. We manage to remove them only using specialised equipment that does not use any detergents, but in fact only utilizes vacuum as a way of removal of the carcases and faecal matter left behind after our treatment. To properly clean and treat your mattress, we use 2-3 lights, covering every inch of the mattress and its fibers. Because of the frequency and the spectrum of the U.V rays, they can penetrate all of the layers of the fabrics, reaching deep into the mattress without causing any discolorations or fiber weakness. This kills off all of the organics in the mattress, leaving them to be extracted with vacuum.

Steam mattress cleaning in Manchester – is used on stains and odours, utilising a fine short nozzle to inject and extract the detergent infused steam, that removes everything including dust and any other contaminants that might prove to be unhealthy. Fully extracting human hairs, stains of all nature, skin and other regular and irregular things one might find on a mattress. With a short drying time, this is a sure way to achieve the desired results quickly and easily.

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