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Frequently Asked Questions

The drying process can be sped up with an open window or by using our special air mover service. Call for more information on that.

It is best that at least one representative of the household is present, to not only let our team in but also testify that the job has been done up to standard.

By phone 0161 823 0245 using our instant live chat room on the bottom right, or submitting a booking form.

We have teams working late nights until 23:30pm, after that the other teams are available from 5:30.

There are special deals bound to a given region, you cannot book them outside of that region, other than that there are no limitations.

Give us a call explaining what the issue is and our team can be on site within an hour or so.

If this page was not as helpful as we hoped, you can call us at 0161 823 0245 or join the live chat, either way, our customer support team will be there to answer any questions you mat have.

All supplies used in the cleaning process are safe for use around children and pets, however, for the sake of an easier job we recommend that they are secluded to a location that will not interact with our cleaners.

Take a look at our prices page, according to what you need you can estimate and calculate it yourself. If you are not in the mood for math, just call us and request a free quote.

You can stay relaxed and simply let us do our job. In cases where there is a large piece of furniture, we would recommend them being removed prior to our arrival as to expedite the cleaning process of our team.