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Exclusive Curtain Cleaning in Manchester

manchester curtain cleaningAre your dining room curtains in dire need of a refreshing cleaning, need an unpleasant smell gone, but you don’t have the time or patience to do it yourself? Then we are the team for you, with more than 10 years experience, our dedicated curtain cleaners will manage to not only to the aforementioned but also rejuvenate the colours, protected the draper fibers from the harmful rays of the Sun and remove wrinkles, all in the same service.

Benefits From Booking Curtain Cleaner

It’s easier, you don’t have to move a muscle or have to worry about a thing, with our professional help you can simply forget about it and enjoy the aftereffects of our work. Along with these sweet benefits, you can also enjoy:

  • Nasty odours replaced by pleasant, natural ones
  • No wrinkles 
  • Zero chance of tarring
  • Protected fibers
  • More vivid, better colours

And who would forget the soft, conditioned touch of freshly cleaned curtains or the smell. Take advantage of these benefits and call us today.

Curtain CleaningPrices
Curtain Steam Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains £19
Full length pair of curtains £24
Dry Curtain Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains £60
Full length pair of curtains £90

Curtain Cleaning Service Information

Dry cleaning – because of the delicate nature of curtain fibers, we tend to use less drastic and gentler methods when dealing with natural fibered materials such as satin and silk. To allow for a safer process, we use a dry compound specially designed to handle the task of proper cleaning, without introducing heat or moisture to the cleaning process, removing the possibility of shrinkage and colour damage. We draw stains out using our special dry compound and a high-pressure vacuum machine that will extract all of the particles from the fibers quickly and safely.

Steam cleaning – what’s great about this is that there is a minimal drying time for curtains, while also getting supreme stain removal. Most optimally used on synthetic and woollen fibers, this procedure handles stains like no other, excelling in extracting them immediately with no trace or memory of what was there before. Also possessing anti-allergenic capacities, this is an overall performer.

Booking Our Curtain Cleaning Services in Manchester

Get the best curtain cleaning service in Manchester. Just give us a call at 0161 823 0245 and we will give you recommendations based on the information given. If you want we can send a person over, free of charge or any obligations to our service, to have a look and determine the proper treatments and give you an accurate price estimation then and there.