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About Gm Carpet Care

manchester GM Carpet CareGm Carpet Care initially started as an idea, a desire to make the City of Manchester a cleaner, healthier place. That was 10 years ago, now our service has grown past the region line and spans even the London area, and it’s all thanks to you, our loyal customers, the ones that recommend us to your family and friends, interacting with us on our social media sites and calling for services without a second though. This is why, only for the region of Manchester, we have special deals, offers and great money saving opportunities.

Get the Following Cleaning Benefits

In a tight spot and need someone to help you out quickly? Our team can be at an address in a matter of minutes, regardless if late at night, early in the morning or on weekends and bank holidays, we have your back. Our service will offer you:

A great choice of treatments suitable for your home & office

  • Custom viewings and quotes free of charge
  • Deposit free bookings, no hidden charges
  • Flexible scheduling 
  • Healthier home and office

And a lot more, if you feel like booking us, you can do that at any time, or if you have pending questions that need answering then 0161 823 0245 is the place to call.

Healthy Choice

 We’ve made an effort to implement a special line of detergents and blemish removals entirely made of bio-degradable materials that have no toxins nor are made using harmful chemicals. They are allergen free and, in fact, have proven to be effective in removing any contaminants that might be harmful to your health. This is why we believe that by choosing our services you choose health and a good cleaning of course.


And we manage to do all of that not at the expense of the environment, by using bio-degradable materials and detergents, we manage to not only keep you safe but also keep the environment a healthier place. All of this at no extra charge to you.

Booking Process GM Carpet Care

Finally made up your mind about booking us? Then pick up the phone 0161 823 0245 and call us. You can also book us with a booking form or by calling the hotline number mentioned above. It is easy, and calling us is free, with no obligations whatsoever. 

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